Leather shoes are a must-have accessory in every shoe collection! This versatile pair of footwear style ensure you get the best of both worlds, i.e. comfort and style. Most fashion enthusiasts will agree that leather shoes are fashion-staple and having at least one pair can make all the difference for your outfit. However, some individuals shy away from investing in a leather shoes because of the constant care and maintenance. If you’re thinking about the same, don’t worry. Here are some useful tips on how to care for your leather shoes. 

How to care for your leather shoes

  • Keep on your shoe rotation 

Avoid wearing your leather shoes every day. Instead, keep changing your footwear style. There are certainly sneakers, sandals, and casual wear for a change in style.  It allows your leather shoe material to take some rest before the next wear. You can also get a good chance to polish your shoes during flexible hours. 

Leather shoes need some time to dry. Damp leather gets scuffed, creased, and stretched, thus losing its original quality or strength. Wearing leather shoe pair after a set time may increase the life of your footwear to a remarkable extent. 

  • Clean extra dirt accumulated after every wear

You should clean the dirt, grime, and dust accumulated on your shoes while stepping out of your house. A soft bristle brush or microfiber cloth will be quite helpful in cleaning leather shoes without fading their colour and shine. You can dust your shoes every morning even in a hurry without damaging their quality. A basic leather shoe care is to keep them clean and dry. Ensure these things before keeping shoes in a shoe rack. 

  • Use a shoe tree

Wondering what is a shoe tree and its role in your shoe care? Because it is often the most overlooked step in your leather shoe care routine. A shoe tree is supporting material for your shoes when you keep them in the shoe rack. A cedar and poplar shoe tree is perfect to absorb moisture and odour from shoes after a long day of wear. The moisture may break or develop cracks or lines over leather shoes. 

A shoe tree offers support to your shoes and helps maintain their shape. Your shoes may not crease after some time and it extends their life for a long time. This single step can increase the life cycle of your leather shoes and keep them just like a new pair. 

  • Keep galoshes or shoe protection cover with you

It is best to avoid wearing your leather shoes in the rainy and snowy season. Water can bring stains over the leather shoes and make soles vulnerable. If you know it is raining or snowy outside and you still want to put on your leather shoes for an important meeting, keep a pair of galoshes with you. This is how to protect leather shoes from rain, snow, and mud all around. 

You should avoid using any heating tools and equipment to dry your leather shoes. Heating tools or sunlight can develop cracks in leather and result in damage. It is excellent to let them air dry at room temperature with a shoe tree placed inside. 

  • Leather shoe treatment

Shoe leather treatment is the most essential step for shoe longevity. You can start by pulling the shoelace gently out from your shoes. Remember to condition your leather shoes after every 25 years. Conditioning can moisturise your shoes and bring their shine back. You can use a cloth to remove excess conditioner in a small circular motion. Harsh weather may require conditioning every 5 - 10 times wear. 

You can polish your shoes after every 5 - 6 wear. Use a lightweight brush or circles to add some amount of polish to your shoes. Cover the whole shoe with polish and wipe out any excess amount. You can use wax-based polish for your shoes and ensure to buy the same colour polish. 

  • Use dust bags to store shoes

If you did not wear your shoes daily, you could store them in a dust fabric bag to protect them from dirt stains. It protects your shoe quality and does not degrade it quickly.

Leather shoes are the epitome of timeless fashion, and with such versatility, it only becomes more important to maintain them. Similarly, you should make efforts and invest in small items to protect women’s silver shoes or leather boots also from extreme weather or climate. It can increase the durability of your shoes and allow you to stay at foot comfort for a longer specified time.